School for Nanostructured Materials
Characterization by Synchrotron Light based Techniques

Synchrotron radiation based techniques have become an essential tool for fields as wide-ranging as chemistry, biology, materials science, geology, pharmacology, environmental matters, nanotechnology and catalyses among many others. Due to this reason, many new National Synchrotron Radiation sources have been recently built, as well as those already existing have been spectacularly improved.


The objective of this Training Course is to provide indispensable theoretical and experimental basis needed for typical structural, electronic and magnetic studies, which will assist and help to the participants to choose and carry out, in an autonomous way, the available techniques at Synchrotron Radiation laboratories.


The School has been structured in order to include didactic lectures covering the main areas related with Synchrotron radiation sources. Also, the school will provide to the participants relevant materials about theoretical and instrumentation fundaments as well as basic aspects of the methodology of X-ray based techniques frequently used in Synchrotron radiation research activities (like EXAFS, XANES, XES, XMCD, DXAS, SAXS, ASAXS, GSAXS, etc). The content will be introduced by tutorials presentations, avoiding plenary lectures, throughout many genuine examples found in modern research projects.

All this material will constitute an indispensable and useful set of tools for any research group interested in using systematic Synchrotron radiation studies to resolve essential problems in a wide range of research fields, in particular for Nanoscience field research and related topics as Catalysis, Materials Science, etc.

Students interested in a course examination will be formally evaluated and certificate of assistance will be provided for all the participants.